Touring Washington DC from the Water

Tom and Jennifer D’Asto, Michelle and I spent the morning touring Washington DC from the water.  Only on one other occasion (Assateague and Chincoteague Island wild horse watching) have I used my Carolina Skiff exclusively for sight-seeing rather than fishing.  I’ve always wanted to go north of the I-95 Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and today was the day, even though we had a small craft advisory for winds that occasionally caused 1-foot chops, not conducive for a skiff (rough ride and over-spray).

We launched out of Fort Washington Marina on Piscataway Creek, and one of our first observations was the frequent patches of dead green ash trees along the banks of the Potomac, caused by the Emerald Ash Borer.

As we left the Piscataway and north onto the Potomac, we first noticed Mount Vernon down river on the Virginia banks and then Fort Washington on the Maryland side.

Going past Swan Creek, Broad Bay and up to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, our first pass-by was the National Harbor and MGM casino.

We cruised by the Harbor Ferris Wheel and saw the many shops along the water.

The Emergence of Man statue rising from the sandy shoreline of the National Harbor.

We then went over to the Virginia side to see the Alexandria waterfront.

Motoring north, we saw NRL and Bolling Air Force Base and up into the Washington Channel and Anacostia River confluence.  From a distance we could see Nationals Ball Park to the east.

We stayed on the Potomac and passed the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

It was a steady stream of take-off’s and landing’s.

We could see the Capital and Washington Monument moving up river, and as we motored north and west, beyond a series of several bridges past East Potomac Park and Hains Point.  We all recognized the Jefferson Memorial and access gates for the Tidal Basin.

Good company, background music, snacks and assorted beverages helped make for a pleasure cruise.

Next was the backside of the Lincoln Memorial, timed with the centering-up of the Washington Monument, for the added bonus of two monuments in one!

We passed the Kennedy Center and Watergate on our right, and Teddy Roosevelt Island on our left.

Next was the Georgetown waterfront, with this location having the retractable, emergency sea walls.

Georgetown University, which is where we began to cross from the coastal plain and into the Piedmont physiographic province (the Fall Line), as we began to observe rock outcrops in the water and along the shore line.  Getting close to Chain Bridge, Thompson’s Boat House and the C & O Canal, we did not have too much more of a distance before navigable waters for larger boats would be impeded by river riffles and waterfalls such as the mighty Great Falls.  It was time to turn around and go back to the Piscataway down river.

The Coast Guard were on the water and in the air, along with the Maryland DNR Police, I assume to be more present for the extended Fourth of July weekend.

It was a beautiful half-day on the water, and we got to see many sights such as the Pentagon, Crystal City, statues, park lands, memorials, prospective fishing holes and lots of other interpretive sights that we would need to study-up on to know what they were.  Thank you Michelle, Tom and Jennifer.