First In Flight

This morning we visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kill Devil Hill, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


The entry fee was waived, as the National Park Service is celebrating their 100 year anniversary this week.  Ranger interpretation staff were handing out kites for children to fly.


We first went into the Visitor Center to see the exact replica of the Wright Brothers airplane that made history, as the first airplane to fly under mechanical power (not a glider).


After seeing the airplane up close and personal, it was time to go outside and see how the brothers pulled-off this magnificent feat of mechanical engineering design of lift, thrust and control.


This diorama show the launch, with the front of the airplane in the foreground, and the back of the plane with propellers in the background.  With engines running, the plane was pushed down a rail and off of a sand dune to begin the flights.


The Wright Brothers Memorial at Kill Devil Hill.


We stood at the exact location of the rail location, where the airplane would first take-off.


We honored the moment by standing and contemplating the event that took place 113 years ago, and where aviation is today.  Can you say USA!


This single photo explains it all!


Jeb had goose bumps, standing at this historic location.


Way to go Wilbur and Orville Wright, aviation pioneers.


We celebrate with you, and thank you for your years of design work and refinement.


I think this activity may warrant a blog entry, so I made sure to take plenty of documentary photos.


Jena and Mark snuggle into the cockpit with Orville.


Heather and Jeb try it next, with Jeb taking the throttle, and going full immersion of what the Wright Brothers did at this location a century ago.  Just amazing!