The Fence Line

It’s time to band the bluebirds, for the second clutch of this growing season.  With all of August and September yet to come, maybe our local bluebird population will try for a third round of child rearing!


Two males and two females.


Banding a male.


With six bluebird boxes on six acres, about 20% of the bluebirds I see on my property are banded.


While we are working at the nesting box, a male bluebird patiently waits nearby to feed his young.


The chipping sparrow watches all of the action along the fence line.


Hey, what’s going on at your box?  Never you mind, just move along!


OK, I’ve waited long enough, I’ve eaten the insects and caterpillar that I brought in for the young, and I’m starting to get a tad perturbed.  It’ time to walk away from the nesting box.


And for the final shot of the late afternoon, I have a male goldfinch previewing the garden for a snack.