Large-Seeded Forget-Me-Not

Large-Seeded Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis macrosperma


While working at a job site this week, Jim and I discovered dozens of locations where large-seeded forget-me-not occurred.


Large-seeded forget-me-not, a facultative plant (FAC), is Maryland State Rare (S2).  The MD DNR Natural Heritage Program is actively tracking this plant and may consider de-listing it from their watch-list, “demoting” it to being uncommon, rather than rare, as documentation of the plant has been observed with enough frequency of late, as to warrant consideration for de-listing.


The plant blooms in late April and into early May, has tiny white-colored flowers with five petals.  The large seeds are fuzzy, and the entire leaves clasp to the stem, with flower stems occurring above the leaf.


The plant is an annual.


This species may be found in floodplain forests, abandoned fields, moist and shaded, and disturbed habitat.  Our findings were both along forest edge and interior, of rich, mature hardwoods.


The plant is a southern species, and naturally occurs from Pennsylvania, south to Florida and west to Texas.


The Maryland Biodiversity Project documents 15 records of this plant in Maryland, in five counties.  Our location was in Prince George’s County.