48 Hour Film Challenge

Towson University and LKT Present The 48 Hour Film Challenge.

You have 48 hours to develop a five minute movie based on specific criteria.  With the clock running you have to write a script, acquire actors, gather your working team of producer, director, cameras, lighting, props, field locations, editing, music score, background sounds and credits.  When you attend the Challenge meeting you are given the strict rules:

  • No more than five total crew members, including actors.
  • Your given theme should be evident/obvious in your film.
  • Use of items in your mystery bag.

Jeb Burchick and his fellow teammates attended the Friday evening Challenge Opening and received their assignment to make a movie of five minutes or less, with the theme being:

  • “Simple Pleasures,”
  • having the line “my Grandma didn’t die for this,”
  • having several seconds or more of an “original music background sound track.”

Out the door they went, returning to Towson University with their finished product on a disc or flash drive by the 2:00 PM Sunday January 31, 2016 deadline.

The following movie entitled “Coffee Break” was prepared by a four-person LKT team, with script writing, production, direction and editing by Jeb Burchick.  All four team members had to share in acting, filming and lighting.

This film went on to win the most “outstanding screenplay” award at the Film Challenge.