Snowbama 2016

The Big Dig!


According to Foot’s Forecast, this weekends snow (January 22 and 23, 2016) was the fourth largest recorded for the Washington/Baltimore region.

Doppler radar showed the awesome surge of incoming snow Friday night, through to Saturday January 22 and 23, 2016.


This graphic shows the major burst swinging through Washington, DC.


Some local meteorologists referred to this storm as being called Snowzilla, but the official NOAA named was called Jonas.


Waking up on Sunday morning, with the snow having past, and with sunny skies above, we had a grand total of 26-inches in Clarksville Maryland, with some drifts up against structures of four to six feet.


As the sun was setting on Friday night we already had drifting at our back windows and deck.  The birds were hammering the feeders.


Our chicken pen was half buried in snow, but the flock had a heater lamp and heated water bowl, with plenty of food and water to carry them until the Sunday big dig.  Friday night and Saturday were “stay-in-place” days.


Jackson watches as I refill the bird feeders and cleared a path to the hot-tub.  I figured that we may need it to sooth our sore lower backs and shoulders from shoveling.


Sunday morning was beautiful.  Mary our neighbor, begins the process of carving a path out to the road.  Her snow blower was up to the task.


A contractor got stuck in our driveway, as he was going to clear a neighbors driveway.  My son Mike used his truck to pull him out of our field edge, allowing him to complete his task at hand.


Mickey watches from the top of the hill.


After the contractor went through and plowed the common drive, we were able to walk out to the main road, which was cleared.


Although Guilford Road is a secondary street, it has both an elementary and middle school, and therefore is a priority road for clearing.


This drift on the back side of our barn was five feet tall.


I hope that the snow insulates our bee hives and that they are fairing well.

Thank you Mary for allowing the Burchick family to use your Ariens snow plow for our driveway, and for helping to clear the common drive.