2015 Maryland 4-H Shotgun Tournament





Six members of the Howard County 4-H Gun Club participated in the Maryland 4-H Shotgun Tournament, held at the Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), Prince George’s Trap & Skeet Range, abutting Goddard Space Flight Center and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.


A total of 91 4-H youth participated from various county shooting sports programs throughout the State.  From 8:00 am til 9:00 am it was check-in, gun safety inspection, orientation, safety lecture and team assignments.


Each participant works through and series of 50 shots in sporting clays, 25 shots in trap and 25 shots in skeet, for the best of 100 shots.

It was a cool morning and between shots, Mason would use hand warmers to keep his hands nimble.


The highest scoring participants will advance to represent Maryland 4-H in the annual national competition, with all expenses paid by 4-H.  Howard County has always been highly competitive, with Club members going to the National’s.  We must have some really good instructors?!

Carson Bowser knocks down a simultaneous (simo) pair in sporting clays.


Tom D’Asto and Brad Bowser watch as Team Howard County work through the sporting clays stations.


Will Kirk calls for his clays at the high stand.


It was overcast and cool, and the cloud cover helped to better see the clays, without straining in the sunlight.


While the morning wore-on, concessions prepared a fantastic BBQ spread, with 4-H teams rotating through lunch.


Will Kirk on the trap range, with trap being our club’s strong point, where we are confident in increasing our overall scores.


Luke in the foreground and Mason in the background, were our Howard County high score shooters for the intermediates.


Mason Sirk obliterates this clay from the sky at the voice-activated trap station . . .


. . . and so does Will Kirk.


The autumn colors were near peak, and added to the attractiveness of the day.


Senior 4-H’er Carter Kirk nails his option shot at the first station in skeet.


Senior 4-H’er Donnie Jordan takes both the outgoing and incoming crossovers.


Carter tracks the clay, and yes, one-second later smacks it to pieces.


Not to be outdone, Donnie steps-in to do the same.


Mason shows good form as he calls for his pair.


Way to go Luke, as he tags his clay.


Carson now has to pull hard left for his second shot.


Will concentrates on gaining his lead over the clay.

It was a great day on the range.  Thank you to all of the parents including Brian, Brad, Bud and Dan, volunteers and fellow instructors for helping to make today a safe and exciting day of shooting sports competition.  Thank you to Conrad Arnold and University of Maryland Cooperative Extension 4-H staff for their contribution in making today happen.

I had to leave early, so I was not able to stay for the closing medals ceremony.  The following link is the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the final scores as prepared by Brittany Hoffman at Maryland 4-H.

Copy of State Shotgun Match Spread Sheet 2015 (2)