Katydids, Crickets and Angel Wings

Late summer and early autumn evenings include the wonderful nighttime sounds of our local crickets, katydids and angel wings.  The Natural History Society of Maryland recently sponsored a “cricket crawl,” asking members and guests to document what species they heard throughout “suburban” Maryland.  They provided a link of the seven most common crickets & katydids.  Give them a listen, and I’m sure that you will recognize most all of them.

Of the seven, the four very common species that I hear here in my backfields of Clarksville, Maryland include the Japanese burrowing cricket, lesser angelwing, fall field cricket and the most common of all, the true katydid, as seen in the photo.


The seven recordings include:

  1.  Oblong-winged Katydid
  2.   Lesser Angelwing
  3.  Jumping Bush Cricket
  4.  Japanese Burrowing Cricket
  5.   Fork-tailed Katydid
  6.   Fall Field Cricket
  7.  Common True Katydid

Open your bedroom window when you go to bed this evening and give them a listen!