Bouge Sound, Intra-Coastal Waterway

We did some sight-seeing and fishing today along the intra-coastal waterway in Emerald Isle and Swansboro, North Carolina.


Many areas of Bouge Sound are shallow and have grass flats, mud and sand flats and exposed oyster bars at low tide (as seen in this photo).  If you want to motor with any speed, you must follow the channel markers!


We went south into Swansboro and parked awhile at a sandy island beach, near the mouth of the ocean.


Josh explores the tidal pools that were alive with small fish, fiddler crabs and blue crabs.


Mike found a hermit crab, known as a thinstripe hermit crab (Clibanarius vittatus).  We were able to coax the crab out a few times before letting him go.  This species of hermit crab can be found in shallow sound-side waters, and they occupy shells of various gastropods for their homes.


Harper tried hard to catch the numerous small fish that swam past her, most of which were bluish silver in color with vertical blue-gray stripes.


The one-foot of water with a firm sandy bottom were perfect conditions for Harper to practice swimming.


Refreshments in the cooler and we fired-up the Bose speakers.


The rocking waves lulled Harper to sleep for the ride back.  We dropped off the ladies and us boys went back out to do some fishing.


Cormorants watch as we cast soft plastics to the Spartina grass line.


Heading back to the boat launch we observed a white ibis (Eudocimus albus).  The white ibis has a long down curved bill, which is red in color.  They are a wading bird that feeds in the tidal marsh grasses and they occur from Florida, north to Maryland.

A nice afternoon on the water!