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The Conversion That Made a Veteran Cop Change His Views on Concealed Carry

As the head of the Maryland State Police Licensing Division, Jack McCauley decided what would qualify as a “good and substantial” reason to obtain a handgun permit on a case by case basis.  Maryland is a “may issue” state — meaning the ultimate decision on whether to issue a concealed carry permit is left to a government official.

“When I met them, they schooled me,” McCauley said of one specific gun rights group, Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC). “They not only schooled me — they embarrassed me.  They humbled me.  I was wrong.  I was completely wrong.”

McCauley said there are over 11 million licensed handgun permit holders in the United States.  According to a 10-year study on 2.5 million permit holders, just 168 people had their permit revoked for an offense involving a firearm, he explained.  Most of the time, he added, the offense was carrying a firearm into a prohibited zone.

When he tried to discredit the study, McCauley said he failed.  Since retiring, he has been vocal as a gun rights activist on the “may issue” law in Maryland.

Watch as McCauley explains why he feels the “good and substantial” guidelines on concealed carry permits in Maryland are a “nightmare” in his remarks below:

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Mark’s Rant:  I am a proud member of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC), through the Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club!

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