Analemma Explained

Click the image below to enlarge it.  It is an excellent animated GIF that explains the sun angle of the seasons.


Note how we really begin to gain daylight in February and March.


A good Youtube video that explains the annual analemma (the seasons).

A great one-year visual of the sun’s track.

Click the following link to see the Sunrise/Sunset Table:

Go to Form A and type in Baltimore, Maryland (or your location).  The table will come up on the screen.  Note that on January 7 we begin to gain day-length in both the morning and evening.  January and February suck!  I hate the low sun angle and short daylight.  I can’t wait until Sunday, March 8, 2015 when daylight saving time starts.  Usually by mid March, with occasional temperatures in the 60’s, you can tell that spring is coming on strong, and within weeks the early spring blush of regrowth will start and cool season tall fescue grass will require mowing.  Can’t wait!

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