Rule of Law

Today’s Ann Barnhardt


So, I guess I can go over, again, why it is that “little things” matter with regard to the Rule of Law.  You know, “little things”, like whether or not a person can produce a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Or is eligible under Article II Section I of the Constitution to even hold the office of POTUS.  I know that many of you have been browbeaten and “peer pressured” into hating anyone who brings up Obama’s obvious, glaring identity problems, Constitutional ineligibility, and most especially the obviously fabricated and poorly-photo-shopped birth certificate of spring 2011 infamy.  You have been conditioned to have a visceral reaction of hatred to anyone who discusses this as being akin to 9/11 truthers.  Well played, y’all.  Well played.  By lumping people who were frantically trying to sound the alarm on Obama’s identity and ineligibility, PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE COROLLARY DESTRUCTIVE IMPLICATIONS TO THE RULE OF LAW AND EQUAL PROTECTION THEREUNDER, into the Alex Jones camp, that the entire question could be and was utterly buried.  Mission accomplished.  Well played.

Why were we screaming?  Why were we so insistent that the whole identity question and lack of eligibility mattered so much?  Because we knew then, and we stand vindicated now in the objective fact that if “We The People” just “let it go” that an openly ineligible man usurped the office of POTUS and Commander in Chief, a man who COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT PRODUCE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and then later passed an obvious fake, that the end result would be nothing less than the total dissolution of the Constitutional Republic itself.  Quickly.  Why?  Because the Rule of Law and Equal Protection thereunder DIED, and by mathematical definition the Constitutional Republic died with it, the day such a man was allowed to usurp and install himself in the White House.  I ask you, how can you possibly, possibly have a functioning Constitutional Republic with NO RULE OF LAW?  It is such a simple, simple truth, and yet it seems that it is completely incomprehensible to the vast majority of people today.

Mark’s Rant:  For those of you who may not be exposed to Ann Barnhardt, she is a brilliant blogger, refreshing, conservative, Catholic, constitutionalist.  Check out her website and her many blog-casts on YouTube.