Obamunism II

Saturday Night Live ratcheted up the laughs against President Obama for his unprecedented amnesty orders using the throwback song from Schoolhouse Rock, “I’m Just A Bill.”

It starts out with the familiar boy climbing the steps of Capitol Hill and asking what kind of bill is on the Hill with him. The bill responds with a jingle that he is an “immigration bill” and that he hopes he can be passed into law someday.

Cue the President shoving the bill down the stairs before inviting his buddy, the cigarette smoking “executive order,” into the picture.

The boy exclaims in bewilderment that what the President is doing is unconstitutional, but the executive order just laughs at the boy’s belief that he still thinks that is how government works.

It seems this skit would even funnier if it weren’t so true of the political process today.  But it does pack a punch in terms of just how far from the constitutional framework that this nation has strayed, and how America is losing its way due in large part to its lawless leadership.