Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity, Invasive Plants and their Native Look-Alikes


I downloaded this booklet today, and found it both helpful and useful.  I thought that you might enjoy it as well.  It is an identification guide for the mid-Atlantic region of non-native invasive plants and natives that may look similar.  Click the following link to review and/or download the document.


Ampelopsis = Grape-Like Appearance.  The cover photo in the blog entry is of the non-native porcelainberry (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata), which is problematic in the greater Washington, DC area.  Ampelops is the old Greek name for grape vine.  Brevi is short and pedunculata is the flower stem.  Therefore, the name Ampelopsis brevipedunculata means the “grape-like vine” plant with the short flowering stem.  To the untrained eye Ampelopsis may look like one of our five common grape species in Maryland.

The following PDF file is a brief tutorial on the common native grape species in Maryland.  The most common species that we have is the Winter Grape, followed by the Summer Grape.  We also have Possum Grape, Fox Grape and Riverbank Grape.