Holly Shelter Game Land

The Nature Conservancy’s Holly Shelter Game Land, Pender County, NC


Mark, Jeb and I took a hike along a portion of Conservancy land, located near Topsail, NC.

Longleaf & Wiregrass

This ecological community ecotype is known as the Longleaf Pine – Wiregrass Community.  We observed trees that were painted with two stripes, indicating where federally endangered cockaded woodpecker cavity nesting holes have been known to occur.


We observed a few patches of Small’s Bog Button (Lachnocaulon minus), a pipewort that only occurs from North Carolina to Florida, on the sandy coastal plain.


Easy to overlook, pipeworts are uncommon to rare, most everywhere observed.

Hairy Angelica

Hairy Angelica (Angelica venenosa). 

Rhexia alifanus

Savanna Meadowbeauty (Rhexia alifanus), stands upwards to two-feet tall.

Stylisma patens

Common Dawnflower (Stylisma patens). 

Cyrilla racemiflora

Leatherwood, also known as Titi (Cyrilla racemiflora), a native shrub occurring from southern Virginia, south to Florida.