Exploring Topsail Island

We beached at the southern tip of Topsail Island, where the inter-coastal waterway opens into the ocean.  Jeb sets the anchor, so that we can get out and explore.


I’ve never seen so many Carolina Skiff’s as I have today, and I felt like I was in good company.


The remote white sand beach was an expansive spit, mostly devoid of vegetation.  The tide from the ocean was coming in fast and the water was deep just a few feet from the boat and shore.


Prior to going back up river, we took the boat out into the Atlantic, just so that we could say that the Skiff has been in the ocean.


Next to our launch was a fresh seafood market, with deliveries from boat coming in daily.  Jumbo blue crabs were $30 a dozen, $20 for large and $12 for mediums.

Everyone is tanned and we had to take Michael to the emergency room for seven stitches to his finger tip.  He cut his finger cutting vegetables, and then Tammy did the same thing today, with the same knife, but not as bad.  One of our four Burchick Boys have had to go to the emergency room for stitches on more than one family vacation.


Last night’s St. Paul and the Broken Bones concert in Wilmington was fantastic!