Holy Saturday Fishing (The Last Day of Lent)

A Tributary of the Fresh Tidal Potomac River


Jeb, Jake, who is Jeb’s friend from River Hill, and will be attending UNC Wilmington on a soccer scholarship and I went fishing this afternoon.  We were on the water at noon for high tide and fished till 4:00 PM on a falling tide.


At our first stop, we were surrounded by an inquisitive, but agitated beaver.


He circled the boat a gave us three separate tail slaps, a sign that he was perturbed that we were so close to his home lodge.


A beautiful lodge it was, made of hardy wooden frame structure . . .


. . . whereas a nearby muskrat lodge was made of herbaceous grass sticks of cattail and wild rice.


Whammy, I landed this chunk of a yellow perch on a Mann’s Stingray Grub.


Jake took this white perch on a live worm. We all got hits but had a hard time with the hook-set. It was a breezy day and the high temperature got up to 71-degrees.  The mean water temperature was 63-degrees.

The highlight of the day was watching a aerial battle between a mature bald eagle and osprey over territory.

Thank you Jeb and Jake for being part of today’s fishing team. Happy Easter!