Patuxent River Park at Jug Bay


Jeb and I went out for our inaugural, opening day, first fishing trip of the spring, launching from Patuxent River Park at Jug Bay.  This portion of the river is fresh tidal and dominated by wild rice and spatterdock.


Both of the M-NCPPC osprey live-cam cameras were up and running, with osprey recently arriving from migration.  The birds are pairing-up and working on nest building.


Jeb and I motored up and into Western Run in search of largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow and white perch and possibly catfish.


We used crank-baits, spinner-baits and jigs, with no fish being caught.  We launched as the tide was going out and fished all of the slack low-tide.  You would think that this would concentrate the fish?


Speaking to other fisherman, it was a tough day on the water with only a few white perch being caught from deep holes.  The water temperature was a constant 47.3-degrees, and the air temperature got into the upper 60’s, but breezy.  Red maple was in full bloom!


Kayakers taking a rest in the afternoon cloud cover, as Phragmites buffered the breeze.


The most action on the water today were the several flocks of thousands of seagulls attracted to the exposed tidal flats at low tide.
We look forward to springtime weather, warmer water temperatures and many more fishing trips this 2014 season.