Day Hike Along The Potomac

Great Falls
9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA

A day hike along the Potomac River.


Great Falls is an 800-acre, National Park Service owned site in Fairfax County, Virginia.


The falls represent the transition zone “fall line” of where the Potomac River passes from the piedmont and onto the coastal plain into Washington, DC.


U.S. Park Police helicopter passes by. We were hoping that is was not because they had a report of a park visitor having fallen into the winter, fast flowing water.


The park has dozens of overlooks and an extensive trail system. Spring time botany is awesome at this park.


The D’Asto family, less Tony who had to work today, stand by a sign on the high rock bluffs that documents various high water marks from famous out-of-bank storm events, such as Hurricane Agnus and David. We surmised that Mather Gorge is a pinch-point, and the back-water can cause high bank flooding from the massive Potomac watershed that extends into New York.


Background: Mark, Nick, Gina, Jennifer and Tom. Foreground: Mark and Jeb.


Mather Gorge (the rock wall palisades), downstream of Great Falls.

Nice way to spend the afternoon, and just think, this site is less than 40-minutes away from Howard County.

Thank you to the D’Asto’s for coming along!