Furlough Friday Fishing

Tolly Bar on the Chesapeake Bay


Dave and I took off from work today and went fishing, launching from Joshua and Jessica’s home at Arden on the Bay, Sunrise Beach.


We fished from about 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM and caught in excess of 60 fish on the day!  We started at Long Point in Round Bay on the Severn.  The pattern that we followed was watching out for surface feeding, jumping fish and birds diving for bait fish.


This weekend is the Boat Show in Annapolis, but the waters in and around the mouth of the Severn and the Bay were fairly quiet today.  I don’t like this area on weekends due to the boat traffic and wake wave action, but today was absolutely beautiful, with afternoon temperatures reaching 88-degrees.


This striped bass was typical of the size class of the fish that we caught.  Dave kept the three of our largest legal sized fish for his dinner.


The bluefish made a mess of my boat.  The thrashing of blues more often than not, flail blood all over our clothes.  The floor of the boat was a mess, but nothing that a hose and sponge can’t take care of.

Dave developed a pile of pre-rigged hooks on the floor of the boat, where the soft plastic was slashed  from the power of the striking blue’s.  We noted that both striped bass and blue’s were gorging on schools of menhaden and bay anchovy.  We could actually watch feeding frenzy’s surrounding the boat and the smell of fish oil on the water.


Motoring back up the Severn, it’s always great to see the U. S. Naval Academy from the water, academic home of the world’s best Navy!


We stopped by to visit my two girls, Jessica and baby Harper Francis.  With Michelle and I having four boys, we had to wait until our oldest son Joshua, getting married to begin the process of having girls in the family.  I love this baby Burchick!

Great day on the water.