FM 105.7 The Fan

An Afternoon with the Broadcasters of FM 105.7 “The Fan,” Catonsville/Baltimore, MD


Jeb and I spent the afternoon as the guest of 105.7 sports broadcaster, Steve Kolbe, as he gave his Baltimore Orioles versus the Texas Rangers pre-game show.  This Catonsville studio is also the broadcasting home for several CBS affiliates, including WHFS rock alternative, WLIF Lite FM, WJZ CBS Sports Radio and WWMX Mix 106.


Jeb listens in as phone callers go into the queue to discuss Orioles baseball.


It takes several people to run a radio show, including precise timing and constant updates, and gathering the latest information to air.  Scripts are written and pre-game homework is completed, getting ready for showtime.


Jeb sits in on the Scott Garceau (right) show, along with co-host Jeremy Conn (left).


Now for the main event, Steve Kolbe (left) gathers research during a commercial break.  The gentleman in the background is Jim Duquette, the former vice-president of the Baltimore Orioles, who has an excellent knowledge of the game.


With Steve completing his pre-game show, he hands over the reigns to Glenn Younes (left) for his evening program.

Thank you Steve for an outstanding afternoon of learning how radio programs are prepared and performed.

As we drove home to Clarksville, Jeb and I listened to Glenn’s evening program, now better understanding what it takes to present a radio program.