Field Trials

Field Trials for the Burchick Bait Company Lure

It’s summertime in Clarksville, Howard County, MD


Jeb purchased a soft plastic mold to make his own custom poured fishing lures.  Working out of our garage, Jeb developed his custom color, and cooked the soft plastics in an old microwave oven.  His first four watermelon rind lures, coated in Jack’s Garlic Juice, were used in today’s field trials.


So how did they turn out?  Mark caught seven large-mouth bass, Jeb caught five, and I caught three, all in just one-hour of fishing.


Here is the watermelon rind colored, very soft, ribbed, sinking, paddle-tailed lure, as displayed by Jeb’s brother, Mark.


We were under constant threat of a late afternoon thunderstorm, and the clouds were ominous.


Mark hoists a bass up and out of the shoreline vegetated fringe.


Jeb, on the backside of the pond, shows-off his catch.


Unfortunately, this bass was hooked in a manner that damaged his gills.  As the fish flapped in the water, he attracted the attention of a northern water snake.


We all watched as the snake tried in vain to circle and push the fish to shore in the hope to eat it.  The snake knew that the fish was greatly over-sized, and the opportunistic meal was not to be had.  We surmised that the fish will become snapping turtle or raccoon food this evening.


Fifteen bass in an hour, doesn’t get any better than that!


Back to the pond for you.


An orange daylily growing along the bank of the pond.

Thank you Bob and Pat, our neighbors, for allowing us to use your pond for our lure research.  Great lure Jeb!  I’ll be adding a few of these to my tackle box.