Backwater Fishing

The Intra-Coastal Waterway, Myrtle Beach, SC


My brother Jamie, my sons Mark, Jeb and I spent the morning fishing along the intra-coastal waterway.


We fished marsh grass edges, coves, channels, structure and oyster beds using live fish and Berkley Gulp Shrimp.  We were fishing for redfish, flounder and speckled trout.  Our guide had a Triton Flats Boat and quality tackle for our use.


We fished North Myrtle Beach, Little River and the Shallotte River.

Mark struck first with a fish that put-up a huge fight, taking five-minutes plus to land.  Mark had our attention and we stood ready with the net.  The fish ran left, right and under the boat.  You could see by our faces, we were all looking excitedly to see what Mark hooked.


It was a ray measuring four-feet in length from wing-tip to wing-tip.


Back to the water for you.


Brown pelicans fly overhead to check-out our catch.


We worked channels for flounder and saw many nice waterfront homes, piers, docks and boats.


Mark and I both landed flounder, and blue crabs constantly messed with our live bait.  More times than not, when I went to set my hook, I caught oyster or crabs.  Jamie and I were thinking that we may have done better if we went crabbing.


On several of the small islands, we observed feral goats.  You could tell if an island had goats, because the vegetation had large eat-out savannahs created from on-going goat grazing.  The marsh lands were extensive, and we motored along several openings to the ocean.


A beautiful day on the water!