Western Run

Patuxent River at Jug Bay, Mount Calvert & Western Run, Prince George’s County, MD


Dan, Jim and I went fresh-tidal fishing this morning from 10:00 till 2:00 PM.  High tide was at noon.


It turned out that Dan’s small-sized, white-colored spinnerbait worked very well to catch all manner of fish including this nice largemouth bass.


We gave up a goodly number of lures to the stream-lined bushes, but were able to catch white perch, catfish, bluegill, striped bass and largemouth.  We used stingray grubs, chatterbaits, white-grub jigs and live worms.


A patch of stinging nettle at peak bloom.  You don’t want to touch or walk through that plant!


An unexpected two rockies were caught in the Western Run headwaters.


In search of big cats, we ran out of gas upstream of Pennsylvania Avenue (Route 4), and had to limp back to the Route 4 bridge and kayak launch using the trolling motor.  My son Mike, who was visiting a friend in Lothian, came to our rescue, with a five-gallon container of gas.  He was literally five-minutes away from where we were.  What a wonderfully convenient blessing.  This allowed us to motor the four miles back to Jug Bay.  I will never, ever run out of gas on the water again.  Thank you Michael and Lee Souder.


Back at the dock, a five-lined skink watched, as we put the boat onto the trailer.  A beautiful day on the water, less the gas incident.