George Washington’s Distillery

Fishing on the Potomac and Douge Creek


My son Mike and I went fishing this afternoon and we took Action Jackson along.


Launching from the Mattawoman, we went over to the Occoquan and fished the grass beds.  No action.


We found a few good holes on Douge Creek and yanked-out a bunch of panfish, mostly bluegill and crappie.


The marshes were colorful as many species of wetland plants were in bloom, and waterfowl and wading birds were plentiful.


Jackson was a good mascot, and eagerly watched as we landed each fish.


The bounty of bluegill almost made-up for the lack of the bass bite (not).  I may have jinxed our fishing trip by looking at my iPhone app called iSolLunar, which suggests your fishing potential for success based on solar and lunar cycles.  It was a zero-out-of-four fish day, which is not good.


Working all the way back into Douge Creek, where bass boats can’t go, but a Carolina Skiff can, we visited a very special cultural antiquity, from the water, which I doubt anybody does.  Mike hopped out of the boat while I waited with Jackson, and he walked over to the Whiskey Distillery at President George Washington’s Mount Vernon home-site.  We were hoping to buy a bottle of our Founding Father’s home brew, but which was sold out for the season.  The distillery makes batches/barrels of whiskey each fall from the original recipe and techniques used by the President’s staff (living history interpreters), and sells it to the public.


Mike was however, able to buy Mount Vernon Apple Wine and Virginia Cabernet Franc, two period recipes from Fairfax County estate plantations that the President would have imbibed.  How cool.  Nice afternoon on the water!