Cut-Leaf Coneflower

Can you find the praying mantis in this photo?


Cut-Leaf Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata) is also commonly known as green-headed coneflower.  The late summer native sunflower is in the aster family and occurs throughout most of the United States and typically found along forested streams, floodplains and wetland meadows.


This perennial grows from 3 to 8-feet tall and is usually lanky in appearance.  The plant flowers in mid to later summer from early August into and through September.


The yellow flower petals droop downward from the cone, and the cone starts out as being green-headed.  All parts of the leaves are poisonous to grazing mammals and therefore, the plant is deer resistant.


The word laciniata means torn (lacerated), due to the divided nature of the leaves.


I took these photos along the stream on my property in Clarksville, Howard County, MD (Piedmont).  This plant reliable flowers every summer.