Yellow-Flowered Leaf-Cup

Charles County, MD


Formerly known as Polymnia uvedalius, and also commonly known as Bear’s Foot or Hairy Leaf-Cup.  The plant is considered an uncommon native in Maryland and Delaware and is an endangered species to our north, in New York and New Jersey.  This native wildflower occurs from New York, south to Florida, and west to eastern Texas.


Often confused with Jerusalem artichoke, Leaf-Cup can grow to 10-fet tall and is found in alluvial thickets and rich woods.  It flowers from August through September and belongs to the Aster/Sunflower family.


A chemical ingredient within the plant tissue is known to stimulate the growth of hair, and is found in expensive hair growth ointments.  I reviewed several plant guides and noted specific diagnostic keys regarding this flower, stem and leaves to confirm the species.