A Whiteness of Swans

Sunday Fishing on the Tidal Potomac


A herd or whiteness of swans flying down river.  For the proper terminology for groups of various species of animals, check out the following link:  http://www.birdnature.com/groupnames.html


You could not ask for a more beautiful November afternoon with temperatures in the low 70’s.  We launched from Leesylvania State Park in Virginia and motored southeast to Wades Bay in Charles County, between Smith Point and Douglas Point.

Steve took first strike with a striped bass.  Steve is coming off of his shoulder surgery, performed in the off-season for the Capitals, he’s healing well, but some of his hook sets looked tentative.


This unnamed marsh drains into the Potomac, and the inversion line between the clear water of the marsh and the turbid/stained water of the Potomac presented an “edge” where the fish were located.  Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is breaking-up, but weed beds are still apparent, with four species being noted.  Staining is currently due to leaf drop drop and the tannic acid released from the load of autumn leaves.


I landed this 12-inch yellow perch, which is fairly large as far as yellow perch go.

We then went over to Chopawamsic Island at Quantico, then up to the Stump Neck Point docks, and then into the Mattawoman at Deep Point and Cornwallis Neck.


Dave took this bass using a Berkley motor-oil colored, ribbon-tail worm.


This channel cat gave me a great run as he took a few power surges, spinning line off of my reel before landing him.


Dave averaged a bass an hour, all of which were lively strikes.


We fished from noon till sundown, starting about an hour before the peak of high tide.  The sun tracks low and none of us are adjusted to standard time yet, especially with it getting dark by 5:00 PM. Oh, and by the way, standard time sucks!


A beautiful day on the water on Steve’s Bass Cat.  Thank you Steve and Dave.