The Fish Is Passing A Senko!

“Looks Like He’s Passing A Senko?” ( read on and you’ll see why )


Mark reels in big-blue (as in bluegill).


This frog knows that if he leaves this dense SAV bed and moves out to open water he becomes bass food.


If you could only smell this fragrant water lily, a mild delicious citrus aroma similar to a magnolia.


Jeb caught a few two-pounders, and wait till you see the photo of his next catch.


The pond had several clusters of chest high, soft-stem bulrush growing in shallow water.


Jeb called me over to see his catch of what was obviously a largemouth bass passing a soft plastic worm.  All during the photo shoot the worm never fell off, jiggled like plastic and from the looks of it, the bass still needs to release another three or four inches if he ate the entire worm.

If we fish long enough through the years, we would be bound to ultimately see a fish poop a soft plastic lure, and now we’ve all seen it together!

At my discretion, I thought that you would not want to see fish lure poop from another six or several angles and exposures, so back to pretty pond pictures.


Cardinal flower.


Queen Anne lace.