An Incredible Day on the Headwaters of the Mattawoman

Mark, Jeb and I launch out on a beautiful afternoon, partly sunny, dramatic clouds, upper 80’s and low humidity.


Jeb takes a chain pickerel with a Blakemore Roadrunner on an ultralight rod.


After Jeb (background) saw the teeth, he had no desire to pose with it in his hands.


This picture does not do justice to the rows of fine teeth the fish has.


This guy is a lean and mean top flight predator.  We caught him in an area of runoff from an old breached beaver dam (from yesterday’s heavy rains) of forested swamp.


The in-flowing water was stained a dark tannic color, and created a swirl.  The “attraction water” brought in big fish to feast on incoming snacks.  We stayed and fished that area for a good few minutes.  I cast into the swirl with a Booyah spinnerbait and a monster fish took me for a ride.  He was so powerful that he pulled our small Bass Pro Tadpole jon-boat.  I was not about to lose him, and worked the fish for what seemed like an eternity.  He aggressively jumped from the water twice in an attempt to shake the lure, and went back and forth along the boat.  I had a great hook set, and there was no way I was going to lose him.


Hot dang!  I caught Bubba.


The boys nicknamed him Trogdor, the Terminator, and finally changed to Godzilla.


The largemouth bass was 23-inches long . . .


. . . and weighed in at 6.4-pounds!


Mark and I have nearly caught several large fish this year that we have lost at the boat.  We have learned from each experience, and its great to finally land a really big one!


I handed the fish over to Mark and took a few pictures of Godzilla with him.  You can see Mark straining to hold up this heavyweight.  We took several other photos, and then placed him back into the water.  Once revived the fish took-off to be caught another day.


This fish was fooled by the disturbance of the incoming water, noise and foam.  He was enormous, powerful and healthy, and needless to say made our day.  We caught several other bass with topwater lures and spinnerbaits, all mostly in the one to two-pound range, and tight in on the banks.